Energetic Psychotherapy

Light and mind

Light and mind

Energetic Psychotherapy


The mind, store of experiences, situations, moments, fears, traumas or ideas that are the basis of our character and personality. Reprogram this information using energetic techniques.


We work with energy, if the body is toxic due to heavy metals, radiation and an incorrect diet, this influences the mood and emotional state, detoxifying the body is an essential part of the process.


It cannot be changed without an inner work, finding answers, our life purpose and recognizing our inner power gives us freedom and a greater understanding of the life process.

Light and mind

The Integral method

In light and mind we develop The Integral Method, which consists of strengthening the gear Mind, Body and Spirit, since we verify that at NO Considering any of these 3 basic aspects weakens personal empowerment.

The program begins at the end of the session, so we provide continuous assistance for 36 days, providing information, physical detoxification techniques and daily exercises that will help you reconnect with yourself.

An automated monitoring platform is currently being developed to assess your physical and emotional progress during the recovery program.

The cost of the session and the program: It is considered a fair contribution and available to all.

Light and mind


  • Regain your personal power, your confidence and your self-esteem.

  • Eliminate fears, trauma, phobias, depression, anxiety, sadness, etc.

  • Get objectives, life goals, emotional balance, re-program essential beliefs, sexual disorders and suicidal ideas, forgive and forgive yourself.

  • Deworming of energy entities, elimination of contracts, paranormal issues, projection in time and past lives.

  • The energetic reach of a session has no limits, results have been shown at the level of physical healing, but it depends on the patient's process.

The session can be taken from the comfort of your home.

Light and mind


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Session details and information

After contacting through social networks we will contact you.

After the deposit, the appointment is made.

The start link to the video conference is sent.

You can do the session with a PC, Tablet or Cellphone.

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