Alejandro Rmz Cuellar

The field of clinical hypnosis is very varied and with different purposes, through time education has changed and what has been learned has become obsolete, methods have been perfected and as we advance as a society more questions arise about where we are and what is our existential function as a human species.

Traditional academic studies have a limited scope so that they do not touch beyond what is considered scientifically approved, thus leaving loose ends and completely ignoring such important aspects as the spiritual and energetic field.

Throughout almost 20 years of research and development in different facets of personal growth combined with training in traditional hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral, Ericksonian and neuro-linguistic programming, complemented with spiritual and energetic information, obtaining surprising results.

 This technique links perfectly the mind-body-spirit gear, where everything is light and takes advantage of this condition to modify energetic patterns.

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Energetic Psychotherapy

Light and Mind

Although we took the technique, influence and direct preparation of the main exponents of the therapeutic-energetic branch, we maintain a different line, since being a relatively new branch of hypnosis, we seek to enhance the tool by implementing our Integral Method.

Which goes beyond any of the techniques currently used, it has been proven that hypnosis alone rarely offers convincing results without a personal work..

This therapeutic field is relatively new, so there is much to thank to those who promoted their different techniques that each of them perfected according to their own preparation and search.

The technique used by light and mind is a mixture of all of them, as it contains direct or indirect influence of the techniques of these pioneers.

In this branch, there is nothing to teach usñe more than the experience itself, awareness, heart, curiosity and a strong desire to help are things that ended up creating the essence of the therapeutic line of light and mind..

With sincere thanks to those who taught me how to help.

Technical Influence:

  • Dra. Ery Cervantes            – México
  • Dr. Aurelio Mejia            – Colombia
  • Dr. Javier Sampayo             – México
  • Dr. Calogero Grifasi          – España
  • Dr. William Criado              – Colombia
  • Dr. Corrado Malanga            – Italia
  • Dr. Ricardo Ramirez             – México
  • Dr. Eduardo Coletto               – Argentina